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This is for real:
If anyone has this shirt or knows where I can get it I will pay at least retail for it. I know it’s old but I still need it four years later.


the virgin suicides (1999)
I’m a great friend, really.

***Elegant dinner party

(Source: naccsa, via pussyriot)

Update: apparently my selfie game was v weak last night.


So a real news article in the New York Times not only mentions an Ebola conspiracy theory (created by the usual “preparedness” nutjobs) it then LINKS to said story as though it is another piece of real news.

The article goes on to quote Chris Brown’s twitter- yes, that Chris Brown.

I’m not trying to scare anybody, but I think the only explanation for this is that the NYT staff have been overcome by some mysterious illness…

Arm study no. 436